A Patchwork Canopy!

I haven’t posted any just-plain-crafty- posts in a while, so I thought I’d share this lovely object with you all.  You know I’m not into useless craftiness, so when I realized that we desperately needed a canopy for our XOXO II party I thought I’d go all out.  I finally felt like I was ready to cut up my glorious collection of vintage fabrics- the ones I buy from my favorite source, even though I know darn well that they are not for bias tape.  Anyhow, I sewed a total of 34 panels, each with 2 channels, and ran yarn through the channels.  Then I attached them at either end to patio posts and tied little supports between each row. It’s such a bohemian-adorable idea that it’s still hanging even though our party was over a week ago!

It made great shade, by the way!


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