Pretty Covered Notebook- A No Sew Bias Tape Tutorial

Summer is at a close and school is upon us!  I confess that autumn is my favorite time of year, not least because of its associations with school supplies.  So I have for my lovely readers a darling tutorial to fancy up your school or office supplies.  I’ve covered a large notebook but this process can easily be repeated on any size folio or journal.


* Notebook

* Pretty fabric (enough to just cover the notebook when open like a butterfly)

* Bias tape (how much depends on your project.  This notebook used 1 yard of bias tape)

* Spray glue

* Tacky glue

* Binder clips

Step 1. Open your notebook like a butterfly and make a rough cut of the fabric.  In other words, cut about 2″ too large all the way around.  Spray your adhesive evenly over the wrong side of the fabric.  Carefully lay the open notebook down on the glue and press any air bubbles out.

Step 2. Once the glue is thoroughly dry, cut as close as possible to the edge of the notebook.  Now you can insert the edge into the fold of the bias tape like a taco.  Attach with binder clips as you go.

Step 3. When you get to the end, fold the edge of the bias tape under and overlap on the beginning end of the bias tape.  Now you can apply your tacky glue to the outermost edge of the bias tape, being careful not to let it ooze out.  A toothpick will help keep your glue in line.

Step 4. Close your binder clips and let the glue dry completely before repeating the process on the inside of the notebook.

Once the glue is dry you’re ready to go!  Grab your feather pen and get to scribbling!



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