Tutorial Tuesday- Fancy Button Badges

Why are badges and ribbons so adorable? You might as well ask why puppies and kittens are adorable- they just are!  Today I will show you how to make an adorable badge to put on your lapel, scarf, envelope, scrapbook, whatever.  So cute and easy to make- you’ll find yourself making them for every occasion!


* Covered button (make one or buy a few)

* Ribbon, seam binding, or felt

* Needle and thread (any color)

* Safety pin

Step 1.  Cut about 4 inches of seam binding or ribbon and fold in half.  Place the button on top and adjust the angle of the fold to your liking.  If you decide to use multiple layers of ribbon, I’d recommend sewing them all together now.

Step 2.  Sew the seam binding to the button shank.

Step 3.  Snip the bottoms of the seam binding to cute angles, use the button shank to safety pin the badge to your favorite coat and Presto- instant cute!

There are so many ways to make adorable badges!  Try layering ribbon and seam binding, making extra long tails, using felt, lace, or ric rac.  Or, for extra fancy flare try making a rosette for the back of the button: Simply cut 6 inches of seam binding, sew a running stitch along one edge, pull thread, and knot.  Press flat with an iron before attaching to the button badge.


  1. Tara Leeds says

    Ohhhhhhh super cute Polly Danger!! My is friend having a get-together for us bridesmaids and this would be an AWESOME thing for us to make for the grooms! Totally fits the theme of the wedding… eeee thank you!!

  2. Kristin M. says

    Is that a paper-covered button? How did you make that? Or is it fabric that looks like paper? It’s really pretty. If it’s paper then I’d love to see how to make one!

    • says

      It is a paper covered button! The process is the same as covering a button with a kit, except that I lined the back of the paper with clear tape to make it more fabric-like. Aside from having to press on the button backing a little harder, it was no more difficult than following the instructions on the back of the button-kit package!

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