Sweet Valenine Heart Bunting

If, like me, you’ve taken down your Christmas decorations and find the house a little boring without all of the sparkle and jingle jangle, you’re probably wanting some cheerful Valentines decorations asap!  No problem, crafties, I’ve got you covered with this adorable heart bunting!  Chubby red and white hearts get trimmed in pretty floral bias tape and strung up on a light cotton twine.  Too cute!  This is a great way to use up any extra red felt you might have left over from Christmas craft projects.   Felt is great not only because it’s easy to work with, but it sets off the pretty pink floral bias tapes beautifully!  I think hearts and floral bias tapes are a match made in heaven.

Here’s how to make your own:


– Felt or linen in red, cream, white, or any combination of those. (8″ square for each heart)

– 25″ bias tape per heart

– Heart template Download Here

-Satin or grosgrain ribbon- two 2″ strips per heart

If you’re not feeling up to tracking down materials, purchase my Sweet Valentine Bunting Kit here!

Step 1.  Assemble materials and apply the bias tape around the heart.

Print out your heart template (make sure page scaling is off), trace hearts with a permanent marker, and then cut out the hearts just inside the line.

Start pinning your bias tape on the point at the bottom of the heart.   Pin every 1″ – 2″.  When you get to the curve at the top, use your left hand to hold the heart and use your right hand to pull the bias tape slightly as you go around.  Use as many pins as you need to maintain the curve .  Use a pin at either side of the dip in the heart and continue to the end.

Step 2.  Finish and Stitch.

To finish your heart, allow the bias tape to extend past the end of the heart about 1/4″ (trim anything over 1/4″).  Tuck the extra bias tape over the edge, fold in half, and pin.

Now add your ribbon loops: Cut 1″ of ribbon for each loop. Fold ribbon in half and pin at the top of each peak in the heart.   Check the backside to make sure all edges are smooth before pressing bias tape with an iron.  This will help set the curves in the bias tape and make the whole thing easier to sew.  Now stitch all the way around, about 1/8″ from the edge of the bias tape.

Step 3.  Repeat and Hang!

Just repeat the above steps for as many hearts as you’d like your bunting to have.  My bunting is on the small size so I’ve made 5 hearts.  String your hearts on a stretch of twine and hang!  This bunting is so cute I might keep it up all year long!


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    These are adorable, Polly! So many possibilities for fabric combinations :) If I didn’t just crochet my granny square garland I’d do this in a heartbeat!

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    great tutorial Polly! I love this, will definately be doing this to decorate my craft room :) xx p.s. I LOVE your craft show decor, just fantastic!!!

    • says

      Thanks Jessie! I put my bunting up in a bright corner of my studio where I can see it all day long and I must say that it contributes greatly to my cheerful mood!

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