D.I.Y. Snuggle Pillow

A small pillow for my back is just what my big sewing chair needed, so I decided to share this tutorial for anyone who has ever wanted to make a super easy but super cute pillow.  I love this project because traditional pillow trim can be tricky for the beginning sewer (and for me, too!), but bias tape trim is cute and super duper simple!


  • Fabric- 2 pieces 12″ x 12″
  • Bias tape– 1 1/2″ yards
  • Button- 1 cute button of your choice
  • Stuffing- Use your choice of filling (this is a great way to reuse stuffing from tired pillows!)


Step 1. Use a coffee can lid, or glass, to mark rounds on the corners of the fabric with a marker.  Turning the corners round will make applying the bias tape even easier!  Repeat for all corners.  Cut with scissors.


Step 2. Fold each piece of fabric in quarters and mark the very center with a tiny dot.  This marks where your button will be attached in the last step.


Step 3. Place the fabric squares right sides out and baste all the way around, leaving a 3″ opening for filling.  Now you can begin pinning your bias tape.  Start the bias tape about 2″ before the opening, as shown in the photo (the pin in the picture was just so that I could keep the tape open for the photo).

Step 4. Leave a 3″ opening in the same place as the opening in your basting.  Pin all the way around the pillow. To go around the corners: Hold the fabric flat with the non-working hand, pull the tape slightly, and pin as you go.  Once you get to the end, leave about 2″ extra and snip the excess bias tape.

Step 5. Fold the end under about 1″ and pin right on top of the raw edge of the starting bias tape.  Press the corners with an iron to help seal the curve.  Now you can begin stitching your bias tape closed, starting after the opening.  It might help to use different colored pins at the opening to help you keep your place. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

Step 6. Press your stitches in place and start stuffing your pillow with small clumps of fiber fill.  Fill your pillow until it feels right, or until it looks like this:


Step 7. Pin the opening closed and stitch it with the machine, overlapping your previous stitches about 1″ in each direction.  It can be tricky to hold the pillow, full of stuffing, in place, but with a small 3″ opening it shouldn’t be too difficult.  The main goal is to try and match your stitches as closely as possible (patterned bias tape helps hide any funny stitches!). Now you’re ready for the button!  Simply start stitching at the dot you made in Step 2 and make sure to pull tight, and make a good knot!


All done!  Now you can put your pillow on your favorite chair and get to work making one for everyone else in the family!


Visit the Polly Danger Shop to purchase some of the materials used in this tutorial:

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  1. says

    Yay! A snuggle pillow, who doesn’t need one of these;) I have to get some bias tape and a button, but then I really am going to make this pillow!

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