Pup in a Chariot, and Other News

I thought I’d celebrate this lovely Tuesday with some pictures of the absolute cutest thing ever.

This weekend Eric and I were gifted a darling red wagon and we had an immediate use for it; The aging Yellow Beans no longer has to use his tired legs to get around the park!  He’s just about 14 years old now, and although he insists on going to the park with us every day, it’s become quite apparent that he’s a senior.  And so, fluffy pillows and blankies in place, the baby seal made his inaugural tour around the park, to great success! He loved it!  We stopped a few times to let him walk, and then when he looked tired we put him back in.  This pimp look on his face is for reals.  He really feels like a champion getting pulled around by his people.

I just can’t get over how cute this is.  It’s so helpful for me and Eric, too, because we no longer have to walk at a snail’s pace, and we can walk much farther if we want to.  Next stop is the B Street Trail!

And in other news, Eric started a brand new job yesterday!  Like, a jobby job.  In an office.  With coworkers and a water cooler.  It’s going to be quite a transition for the both of us.  I’m used to getting interrupted five times a day with requests to watch You Tube videos of people singing the My Little Pony theme song and junk like that.  Needless to say, I feel a bit lonely without my hubby.  I mean, we’ve both been working from home for two years now.  Sigh.

On the plus side, we now get up at 5 am (wait, that’s not the plus part), and since Eric leaves at 6:30 (gasp!), my coffee has kicked in by 6 am, leaving me plenty of time for blogging before my work day starts!  This means blog posts whenever I feel like it!!  Posts about cashmere yarn sprinkled with German glass glitter?  No problem!  Posts about the f-ing amazing vintage table cloth I just bought at Goodwill?  No problem!  Posts about finding and destroying slugs in my baby garden?  NO PROBLEM.  I love it.

And now, a last look at a baby seal in a chariot- have a super day!




  1. says

    Well, this is the best thing ever! Next to actually owning a baby seal! Congrats to Eric on the new job; leaving the house every day feels like an accomplishment no matter what happens out there (this coming from a new worker-at-home.) :)

  2. says

    Thank you, Tasha and California Polly! I do believe my baby seal is quite proud of his blog success.

    Co-workers at home, unite! Can we set up a video conference that we just leave up all day long, complete with sound, so that it’s like having an office full of people? Someone needs to make an app for that. I’ll tell Eric to get on it.

  3. Tera says

    Hi Polly,
    I discovered your shop and blog throught indiemade (where I’ve just opened my shop), I find this post so touching. I have 2 dogs, one living with me, the other with my mother and I know how much love they give us. It’s great seeing people like you and your husband caring so much for your pets :)


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