Quilt Envy: Pennington’s Quilts

Firstly- yes, I have been shamefully absent from the blogosphere for (gasp) over a month!  Running a handmade business means sewing, ironing, and shipping like crazy!  I have many, many things to share, but for today I really just HAD to tell you about the lovely Brooke, of Pennington’s Quilts and her amazing Colorful Modern Baby Quilt quilt using my striped yellow bias tape.  The colors are vibrant, calming, and modern all at once and the stitching is just so much fun.  I also love that this is a baby quilt.  Lucky kid, whoever gets this fresh heirloom!

I’ll also be posting Brooke’s quilt to this month’s Polly Danger Facebook Contest, so make sure to “like” it!  Read my June newsletter to find out more about the latest Facebook Contest!


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    Thank you Polly Danger!! For your wonderfully sweet support and beautiful bias tapes that add the PERFECT finishing touch to my quilts! xo

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