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It is 4 am and I am still so pumped up from this weekend that I couldn’t sleep!  What an amazing weekend!  Not only was the show fantastic and the customers just dreamy, but it was really great to see my vendor friends again after months of being holed up in my studio, prepping for holiday shows.  I swear I tried to take pictures of all of the amazing booths, but it was such a hectic weekend that in the end I only got a few photos of the show, and a few photos of my own crazy booth.


Eric and I decided to stay at the super swanky Maxwell Hotel, which is only a block away from the UCU venue, and I am so glad that we did!  Not only was it incredibly convenient, but I felt so fancy staying there!  Plus we were walking distance from the Metropolitan Market ( I wish we had one of these in Portland!), Bartell Drugs (again, why don’t we have one in Portland?!), and all of the adorable and scrumptious eateries that I miss when I’m at home.  Which eateries?  Well how about Dick’s Drive-In (the fries are a dead tie with In N Out), Pho Viet Anh, where I not only got fed a giant, and fresh meal, but got introduced to some awesome Vietnamese dance music, or how about Citizen, which has given me a gift beyond all gifts:  their bread pudding style french toast.  I honestly believe that my french toast and bacon there was the best food experience of my life and I am counting down the days until I can return for more.  Anyway, on to the photos!


When I was preparing my product and booth setup I didn’t really understand that of the 10,000 people who attended the show, half of them would end up in, and purchase something, from my booth.   I also had the very happy challenge of creating a booth with traffic on 3 sides!  This was a first for me and although I did not take this task lightly, I feel like I could have done way better.  Still, I had a few space-crafting tricks up my sleeve.


The plus side of a U shaped booth is that you get tons of traffic- yay!  The down side is that you have to decide  how to let all of that traffic into the booth, and if you opt for more that one entrance, then you loose some floor space for product.  To solve this dilemma I used one corner for some brand new shelves, and left two entrances, while leaving the third wall with no entrance, but a clear view into the booth.


On the outer side of the shelves were a variety of brand new kits.  And on the other side I made room for buttons- it’s so thrilling when I can get multiple uses out of one display!


I also found room for a table display, including my crafty Christmas tree, decorated in Polly Danger stocking stuffers. There are many things that I plan on changing for my next booth, which you can see in person this weekend!  Crafty Wonderland is coming up in mere days and I’m so looking forward to seeing my vendor friends once more, and shopping like crazy! If you’re going to be in Portland December 10 & 11, you MUST stop by and say hello!  I have so many amazing things during the holidays that just don’t make it to the online shops, plus I will be right next to some of the very cutest vendors in Portland!  My partners in cuteness, Jenn and Jenny from Chet and Dot/ Robot Candy will be a few booths down, and for the first time ever the amazing Four Eyed Girl Designs will be boothing it right next to me!  I first saw Trisha’s work in person and let me tell you, her booth was mind blowing!  So much cuteness might make your head explode, so take a deep breath and brace yourself ^===^.



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