Fabric Crush- So So Vintage

Apologies for the late post, my friendies- technology was not on my side yesterday.  I hope to make up for it with a wonderful Crush today, this time a Fabric Crush!  I recently found So So Vintage and it was an instant crush.  I’ve always been a fan of vintage sheeting, and So So Vintage has a collection that is most in tune with the beats of my heart.  It certainly helps that So So Vintage carries fat quarters from sheets that I personally own, or that my grandparents did.


Oh how I love this print- pink wildflower mini bouquets.  This was actually the one that caught my eye.  The many shades of pink, paired with that perfect green . . . oh to have a hundred yards of it . . .


Now, this print is tops.  I have a pink and lavender version of it posted in my dressing nook, wallpaper style, and it really is magical.  Those little diamonds add the perfect amount of structure and formality, but the flowers and leaves are casual and light.  I love the juxtaposition.


This beauty is also at the top of my must buy list.  I love pale flowers with dark centers, plus super faded pastels just make my heart skip a beat!

Okay, now I honestly debated whether or not to add this one to my post, because if someone buys it before I do I might cry.  But I figured that it is just too wonderful to keep to myself.  I’m still intimidated by quilting, but this shabby chic charm pack would be the perfect way to get started.  Is it wrong for me to say please don’t buy this one, buy another one!?  Well, I said it.  There are plenty of other adorable charm packs in the shop . . .


I just must leave off with this vintage lamb planter.  In addition to some amazing vintage sheet fat quarters, So So Vintage also carries a whole slew of other vintage cuties, like this lamb.  He looks so happy!

You can find more wonderful fabrics and vintage treasures at So So Vintage’s Etsy Shop.

All photos were borrowed from So So Vintage.

Fabric Crush- Gorgeous Oilcloth!

For the past two Fridays I’ve posted some of my new favorite fabric combos, but today I thought I’d switch it up a bit and share my latest (and most prized) purchase from Clothcamp.  It’s a beautiful oilcloth and I think it’s by Kath Kidston, but the selvage isn’t marked. The floral sprays have a beautiful watercolor quality to them, and the colors are just magnificent.  I don’t want to cut it!  What to make with it . . .

Any suggestions?  Find more of these gorgeous oilcloth fabrics and more at Clothcamp’s Etsy shop.

Fabric Crush Friday- Dusty Vintage Hues

Today’s Fabric Crush is dedicated to dusty purples, and yellows.  My favorites from my personal stash are these- a mix of new and vintage in soft purples, muted yellows, and charcoal browns!

From the top:

Yellow and White Ticking Stripe– from Lecien

Purple Folky Floral Stripes– Vintage

Yellow and brown tulip print- MYSTERY!  (If anyone knows what this is or where I can get more, please share!!!  I bought this in the days when I didn’t pay attention to the fabric make and now this little scrap is all I have left!)

Stripes and florals are such a perfect match!  I’ve been using the yellow stripes for everything!  The purple floral would make such a fantastic makeup pouch or even a dress . . . if only I sewed clothes.  And the tiny brown tulips- sigh, I just wish I had more!

Adventures in Fabric; Welcome to the Fabric Crush

I admit that I have an addiction to fabric.  Well, maybe I’m more like a recovering addict.  There was a time when I’d just buy fabric and add it to a stash that never got touched.  That my stash lived in, and around, its own hutch in the middle of my bedroom was probably not healthy.  Years later I’m much, much more selective about what I buy and I only let fabric sit around for so long before finding a use for it.  I realized that for as much as I’m crazy about fabric, I haven’t spent much time blogging about all of the really gorgeous stuff that I find.

So today I introduce a new segment on my blog- Fabric Crush Fridays (I know today is not Friday, but I just couldn’t wait a whole week to post it!).  These posts will be dedicated to my personal favorite fabric combinations and will include links to shops that sell them or fabrics like them if they’re vintage or scavenged.  There’s a tendency to buy every variation of pattern that comes with a new fabric collection, but I think it’s much more interesting to create new combinations, don’t you?!  Without further ado, here is this week’s Fabric Crush, inspired by costumes- Pirates and naval officers and anything seafaring!

From top to bottom:

Globes from the Friends Around the World Collection by Aunt Grace for Marcus Brothers (This collection came out in 2005 and it’s now really, really hard to find, but I did find someone selling it HERE).

Red and white striped cotton– vintage

Red and navy stripes from Cottonholic