A Day in the Life of a Baby Spider.

posted on Jun 13, 2011

I’m not all that fond of spiders, especially when they’re in the house, but on Friday I stumbled upon something that almost made me change my mind.  I was watering my plants when I noticed something very un-water-like moving from below a pot.  It was sort of like very slow, twinkling water sprinkles.  When I looked more closely I discovered that it wasn’t water, it was a colony of baby spiders!  The tiny little guys were scrambling away from the water, spinning webs as fast as they could.  If I can video tape this tomorrow I will.


Look at the tiny little guys scramble from the water!  I only wish I had been there to see them hatch!  Did they come out spinning webs, I wonder?  Just to give you an idea of their size, that  pot is about 5 inches tall.  So that makes the spiders maybe a millimeter tall?  No, I think they’re smaller.

When I checked on them after lunch they were busily spinning webs and practicing climbing.  Like a little baby spider kindergarten.

Here they are at 4 pm, all snuggled down for an afternoon nap.  Unfortunately for them I have a problem leaving adorable sleeping animals alone, so I blew on them and they went scrambling as fast as they could.  Too cute!  They’re back in their ball, last time I checked.  Yay baby spiders!


Pup in a Chariot, and Other News

posted on Jun 7, 2011

I thought I’d celebrate this lovely Tuesday with some pictures of the absolute cutest thing ever.

This weekend Eric and I were gifted a darling red wagon and we had an immediate use for it; The aging Yellow Beans no longer has to use his tired legs to get around the park!  He’s just about 14 years old now, and although he insists on going to the park with us every day, it’s become quite apparent that he’s a senior.  And so, fluffy pillows and blankies in place, the baby seal made his inaugural tour around the park, to great success! He loved it!  We stopped a few times to let him walk, and then when he looked tired we put him back in.  This pimp look on his face is for reals.  He really feels like a champion getting pulled around by his people.

I just can’t get over how cute this is.  It’s so helpful for me and Eric, too, because we no longer have to walk at a snail’s pace, and we can walk much farther if we want to.  Next stop is the B Street Trail!

And in other news, Eric started a brand new job yesterday!  Like, a jobby job.  In an office.  With coworkers and a water cooler.  It’s going to be quite a transition for the both of us.  I’m used to getting interrupted five times a day with requests to watch You Tube videos of people singing the My Little Pony theme song and junk like that.  Needless to say, I feel a bit lonely without my hubby.  I mean, we’ve both been working from home for two years now.  Sigh.

On the plus side, we now get up at 5 am (wait, that’s not the plus part), and since Eric leaves at 6:30 (gasp!), my coffee has kicked in by 6 am, leaving me plenty of time for blogging before my work day starts!  This means blog posts whenever I feel like it!!  Posts about cashmere yarn sprinkled with German glass glitter?  No problem!  Posts about the f-ing amazing vintage table cloth I just bought at Goodwill?  No problem!  Posts about finding and destroying slugs in my baby garden?  NO PROBLEM.  I love it.

And now, a last look at a baby seal in a chariot- have a super day!



Happy March!

posted on Mar 1, 2011

I’m pretty thrilled that there’s snow outside today, because it means one more day of this:

Snuggling Up Cozy Style

posted on Dec 21, 2010

I’ve been an absentee blogger for a few days now!  My family flew in for the holidays so I’ve been spending most of my time showing them around town, cooking cold-weather meals, gossiping, baking, and wrapping presents.  Although most of my giant family is still back home, I think this may be my favorite Christmas ever ^===^.  So now I’ll get back to baking, chatting, and making Christmas cheer!  I’ll return to regular posting shortly, complete with lovely new tutorials, interviews and general adorableness!

A Foggy Autumn Morning

posted on Oct 30, 2010

A magical blur like this greets me just about every morning, and I love it.

Halloween Front Door- Phase 1

posted on Oct 11, 2010

Halloween is absolutely, positively my favorite holiday of the year. Usually it revolves around a three-months-in-planning party and very intricate decorations, but since we’ve just moved a thousand miles from all friends and family, this year we’re just going for a family-friendly decorated yard.  No need to terrify any toddlers to tears or make their parents hate us.  So here are a couple of pictures of phase 1 of our spooky house decorations.  I made ample use of our mountain of fallen leaves, which line the walkway in elegant heaps, plus our giant spider is happily wrapping bats into his web. Dollar store spider webs do their job admirably, and our bleeding skull candle illuminates our little skull pansies.  There’s also my dead floral arrangement, thank you very much, and some random gargoyles and candles. In a happy coincidence, the previous owners left us a rickety porch floor and “distressed” white picket fence (not pictured), which really ups the creepy points I think!  Phase 2 will involve more gothification, maybe some blood, and maybe some dry ice.  I’ll keep you informed!

Real Men Bake

posted on Sep 23, 2010

I’ve been meaning to share with you all that Eric has been baking fresh bread almost every day!  He has officially regained his baking confidence after an unpublished baking incident back in California (which I am never to speak of).  Boy howdy am I happy to have a bake master in the house once again.  The ancient Sunset Bread book has been dusted off and is now beautifully covered in flour and water spots.  Eric’s latest favorite is something that Sunset calls, “Paine Francais”, whatever that means in the bread world.  Who cares what it’s called,  it is so scrumptious and so fresh and warm . . . yet another reason to love autumn.  And as a symbol of his love for me, Eric has been adding adorable little decorations to the bread like this one-

Aww, isn’t that cute?